Mood Writing with Color

Ever consider how your mood differs based on the colors that physically surround you?

Does a yellow room really make us feel happy? Maybe. I certainly think the bright color might lift my mood, but it would probably be distracting while writing a horror story.

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I prefer my office to be painted in a neutral color – it’s actually gray. I like how the different colors on the many books’ spines pop against the neutral backdrop. But I also think the neutrality of the space helps me focus on whatever task is at hand for the day’s work.

I love sitting on my velvety blue sofa to read. There’s something luxurious about the color. It feels like I could easily slip through the cushions as if softly sinking down to the bottom of a deep blue sea, landing softly inside the story of the book I’m reading.

Red? Blue? Chartreuse? Periwinkle? What is your favorite color, and why?

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My First Writing Award!

I am over the moon to share that I’ve received an actual award for my short story writing!

“Shadow” was the first short story I felt particularly proud of. It’s dear to my heart and I couldn’t be happier it’s been recognized. Although I write because I love the craft, it feels wonderful to receive recognition from an authority I trust.


I hope you check out the attached link. It lists all the winners of Writers of the Future’s 3rd Quarter winners for 2018. It’s an amazing feeling to be included with so many talented writers.

Happy Halloween!

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

Whether you’re taking to the streets for trick-or-treating adventure with the kiddos, donning your favorite costume at a friend’s spooky celebration, or enjoying a caramel apple while curled up with a creepily haunting story at home, have a safe and fun evening!

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Books? or Ebooks?

Everyone has their own preference. Some insist reading on a Kindle or other electronic device takes away the romantic essence of actual books

While other readers contend that utilizing their Kindle allows them access to many more tomes than physically possible in paperback and hardback books. (Unfortunately, we don’t all have libraries the size of football fields.)


Books: Hardback and/or Paperback

Book hoarding is fun! As an obsessive reader, I dream of a personal library which rivals the Beast’s. Remember how impressed Belle looked when she saw it? I want a library that envokes that amount of awe in all who see it.

Bookmarks are also items in which I love to collect because they are invaluable with the many physical books I read. They are cute and colorful treasures I can add to my book-hoarding room library.

I like to write personal remarks in the non-fiction books I’ve purchased. Making notes in the sidebars of many of my books on writing has proved very helpful to me. I also feel some sort of satisfaction underlining sentences in self-help books as if I’m taking a college course on their subject matter. (And, of course, if I ever pass along any of these books, I’m certain my underlining and notation expertise will be quite impressive to others who write or those on the path to self-assurance.)

Comic books don’t display their graphics the same way across all e-readers. Graphics just aren’t interpreted the same as words. Consequently, a comic book in ebook form can look very different on one electronic device over another. The feel of the magazine-slick pages thinly bundled together with an artfully stunning cover is part of the comic book experience for this reader.

With a physical book I can easily see how far into the story I’ve read (or how much farther I need to read) simply by comparing how many pages lie in my left palm vs. my right.


My Kindle can hold more than 4,000 books on it. And because of the cloud, I can actually own more than that and Amazon will store them for me for free. No more book hoarding!

I love that when I forget my paperback or Kindle, I can still read a book on my cell phone with the Kindle app.

For me, I’ll never be able to choose between ebooks and physical books. I like them both. They both have specific applications for me.

Can you think of other arguments for one or the other? I’d love to hear them.

Whichever you prefer, just keep reading!


In Search of Motivation

Some days when I wake up I feel the urge to drown myself back into my covers and pretend the day isn’t beckoning me. I think about how wonderful it would feel to forget all my responsibilities and play hookey for a day. To just close my eyes again and let my imagination and thoughts abduct me from reality. Then I try to remember if I took my anti-depressant the night before.

The truth is, motivation is sometimes really hard for me to find.

But then I remember the real world is going to be there whether I get out of bed or hide beneath the covers. And if I don’t stumble out of bed, eventually all my responsibilities will just pile up for when I actually do crawl out among the living. And I remember how it’s so much harder if I put it off.

I’ve realized over the years that I need a morning ritual to prompt my butt out of bed. And no, not like some goat-offering-to-the-gods kind of ritual. Like silent-sniffing-of-my-full-coffee-cup-in-my-hands sort of ritual. So, I guess, coffee ignites my motivation.

Then once I’m sipping from my favorite mug I sit in the quiet of my office for at least ten minutes. I’ve made this quiet morning time an absolute must on my daily schedule. It seems to invite some calm into my entire day or, at least, makes the chaos of the day seem manageable.

Finally, I sit at my desk and start writing. A few weeks ago I began scheduling specific days of the week for specific types of writing. So far, I think this has helped me finish more projects and keep me on track with others.

So, for this writer, my daily schedule – and my coffee – and my quiet time – help keep my motivation up while keeping me goal-oriented on my writing projects.

What keeps you motivated in your day-to-day?