Maggie vs Mr. Stalker

Eleven-year-old Maggie skipped into the alley. Her braids bounced against her bubblegum-pink hoodie as she hopped over the puddles from last night’s rain. She opened the ugly paint-chipped metal door that stood against the large brick wall on her right. It swung out easily and she disappeared inside.

man with glassesThe balding middle-aged man stalked behind her. He opened the door slowly and peered into darkness. He stepped inside and wrinkled his nose to the cool, musty scent. He heard the girl’s humming echoing from the corner of the room. He slinked toward his prey in the cobweb-covered basement. She was standing in the far corner with her back to him. As he walked closer he could see she was brushing a dirty, worn doll’s hair with a small plastic brush. She was still humming. A grin danced across his stubbly face as sweat collected on his forehead and temples. He pushed up his thick glasses and licked his lips. He clutched one of her braids and softly stroked it down to the tip.


Maggie turned calmly and smiled back at her stalker.

“You shouldn’t touch little girls.”

Her mouth contorted into something larger as her teeth began to point in all directions. Her body elongated and turned to an inky black. Her stalker was now looking up at a dark towering figure with large yellow eyes. Its mouth was filled with extremely white, sharp teeth. Its grin widened as it looked down at the pitiful human in front of it. It struck out with leathery claws and snapped the man in half. The creature stepped over the bloody mess in front of it and walked toward the brick column in the middle of the room.

alleyway-581109__180Each time its foot hit the floor it looked more and more like Maggie again. Once again her braids hung against her pink hoodie as she stood in front of the pillar. She brought her little forefinger up to the brick. The black ooze on her fingertip added another tally mark to the dark streaks in front of her. Nine. She got rid of nine now.

Maggie glanced back at her dead stalker and smiled. She skipped out the big metal door back into the alley.

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