How I Use Writing Prompts

I recently tried writing prompts for the first time within a writers’ group. I always thought writing prompts would have me starting a million different short stories and consequently prohibit me from ever finishing any of them or ever working on my novel again.

doh!I could not have been more wrong in my thinking.

Not only was creating with writing prompts fun, it really got my creativity flowing! It was enlightening for this newbie writer.

I’ve since been using writing prompts to get my mind back in the game after my daily lunch break from plugging away at my novel. In the past I’ve simply sat at my desk hoping inspiration would somehow pop into my mind for me to finish where I’d earlier left off in my novel. Now I have a concise plan using writing prompts!

I just sit down at my desk and let three or four writing prompts kick off the inspiration and creativity before picking up my manuscript and adding to it again. Not only is this new plan helping me get more done on my work-in-progress, but I’ve collected a few golden nuggets from the prompts I’ve used. These new story snippets go into my “Future Projects” folder where I keep a collection of partial stories, written scenes, and story ideas to delve into when my current project is finally finished.

If you’re more inspired by pictures, photos, or graphics (or simply addicted to Pinterest), then check out these other writing prompts I’ve found…

cook your brother promptaxe girl prompt







So I avoid any writing prompts that seem too serious. It’s just too difficult for me to create a few sentences on such subjects like this prompt seems to include…


I try to use prompts that don’t require a week’s worth of research or create the fear of God’s wrath upon me for my response. Of course, that’s just me. Every writer requires different inspiration I suppose. What’s yours?