Mood Writing with Color

Ever consider how your mood differs based on the colors that physically surround you?

Does a yellow room really make us feel happy? Maybe. I certainly think the bright color might lift my mood, but it would probably be distracting while writing a horror story.

books old book knowledge bookstore
Photo by Negative Space on

I prefer my office to be painted in a neutral color – it’s actually gray. I like how the different colors on the many books’ spines pop against the neutral backdrop. But I also think the neutrality of the space helps me focus on whatever task is at hand for the day’s work.

I love sitting on my velvety blue sofa to read. There’s something luxurious about the color. It feels like I could easily slip through the cushions as if softly sinking down to the bottom of a deep blue sea, landing softly inside the story of the book I’m reading.

Red? Blue? Chartreuse? Periwinkle? What is your favorite color, and why?

multicolored paint drippings
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

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